Residential Exemption Policy Study Committee


  • Mark V. Andersen
  • Victoria Lawren Blier
  • Sara G Bothwell Allen
  • Howard B. Cloth
  • Katie Ponty Cutler
  • Thomas B. Whelen
  • John Zhiqian Zhao
  • Joe Pato, Liaison to Select Board


  • Voting Members: 7
  • Appointed by: Select Board
  • Term: Ends upon completion of Committee deliverables


Preserving affordability for residents is the Board's top financial goal. This ad-hoc committee will continue the work of a fact-finding working group formed to study the Residential Exemption and analyze if adopting the exemption could help reduce the property tax burden and make it easier for residents to remain in their homes.

The committee will focus on identifying policy questions and will make recommendations to the Select Board regarding the residential exemption.


This Committee was dissolved by the Select Board (PDF) on November 30, 2020.