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Let's Find Lexington's Heroes!

Lexington today was built by scores of dedicated citizens. The Minute Men who faced the British on the Battle Green were our early heroes, but many public servants and dedicated volunteers are also heroes. Over many decades, memorials have been installed all over Lexington to honor our citizens. Today, many of them are forgotten and in disrepair.

The Monuments and Memorials Committee wants to track down these forgotten memorials, restore them, and once again honor Lexington's heroes in an online database where their stories can be shared with one and all.

You Can Help!

Identify a monument or memorial in your local area (a stone, plaque, marker, tree, etc.) and fill out our interactive map reporting form with what it is and where to find it. You can also upload a photo.

From the Committee Charge

The Committee will develop and publish an inventory of existing public and private memorials within Lexington, assess the condition of these public memorials, and recommend to the Select Board an annual maintenance and restoration plan.

The Committee will be charged with identifying the need as well as reviewing requests for new public memorials for veterans and/or other persons or events and recommend possible design and locations for such memorials.

The Committee seeks members with one or more of the following backgrounds:

  • Military veteran or represents a veterans' organization
  • Knowledgeable about Lexington's history
  • Knowledge and expertise in design, construction and preservation of statuary and monuments

View the Committee Charge.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Members: 9
Appointed by: Select Board
Term: 3 years

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