Draft Comprehensive Plan

Planning Board Review

The Planning Board is reviewing a Draft Plan over the summer.  This is the time for final public comments.

Below is the Planning Board schedule, broken into sections related to the Plan's goals. Meeting time, location, and agendas will be posted on the Public Meeting Calendar. Public comments will be taken at each Planning Board meeting. Written comments may be submitted via email to Planning Director Abby McCabe.  The Planning Board will be taking public comments during the course of these summer meetings. This is the time to provide comments as each topic section is reviewed. This is a call for final comments before a final draft is presented to the Planning Board in the fall. Written comments recommended to assist with incorporating into the final Plan.

Drafts for each section of Volume I will be posted below as they become available ~2 weeks prior to the meeting.
Volume I - The Plan:

This is the time to provide any board, public, and stakeholder comments.  A final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan will be presented to the Planning Board and the public in the fall.  Planning Board will then consider adoption of a final plan expected in Fall 2022.