Neighborhood Conservation District Study Committee

According to the Neighborhood Conservation District Enabling Bylaw, Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) Study Committees:

...consist of five members, of which one shall be a designee of the Planning Board; one shall be a designee of the Historical Commission; and three shall be residents of the proposed NCD Area who shall be appointed by the Town Manager. When reasonably possible, the Study Committee should include an architect, landscape architect, or historic preservationist…

The Study Committee, working with residents of the proposed NCD Area, shall meet to evaluate the appropriateness of an NCD designation for the proposed NCD Area; all such meetings being public meetings open to all interested parties. Within one year of its appointment, the Study Committee shall determine, by a supermajority of four positive votes, whether an NCD is appropriate, and shall prepare and file with the Historical Commission and the Planning Board a written report explaining its decision.