Tree Planting Activity

Lexington Celebrates with New Trees

Newly Planted TreeSee complete article by Anne Senning (PDF)

In the Spring and Fall of 2011, the Town planted 102 trees on streets, in parks and in setback areas throughout Lexington.

The new trees were planted to replace ones that have been removed through attrition or to add to the tree canopy through the tree setback planting program.

Most of the trees (94) were harvested from the town Tree Nursery. Additional trees were donated and others were salvaged from construction projects. Most of the trees were planted along streets and in parks.

Tree species include:

  • Tree ID TagHoneylocust 'Shademaster'
  • Linden 'Greenspire'
  • Scarlet Oak
  • American Linden 'Redmond'
  • Tree Lilac 'Ivory Silk'
  • Tuliptree
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • Silverbell

Thirty "setback" trees were planted in front yards on private property, beyond the Town-owned land and sidewalk. A setback tree provides beauty and shade as a public amenity, but grows larger and healthier because of better planting conditions than in the berm/grass strip.