Lexington Mental Health Directory

This directory contains information about mental health resources, services and/or programs in or around Lexington, MA. It is the hope of the Lexington Mental Health Task Force (LMHTF) that this directory be utilized as a starting point for familiarizing residents with available local and statewide resources. Individuals should contact the organizations directly to seek further information.

Please note that this directory is subject to further updates and we welcome new additions to the listings here provided at any time. View the directory categories to get specific provider information.

If you have any questions or comments about the directory, please contact Lexington Human Services Department at 781-698-4840 or by email.


This directory is provided solely as a service to the user, and it contains information provided to the LMHTF by the listed organizations or gathered from these organizations' websites. The LMHTF has not independently verified the accuracy of the information provided by the organizations, nor does the LMHTF recommend, endorse, or guarantee any of the listed organizations or their services.

The LMHTF has not verified whether the organizations' services are provided in accordance with applicable law.

This directory does not provide complete information regarding service fees or eligibility requirements.

Use of this directory, and the selection of any service or provider from it, is the sole responsibility of the user.