Sustainable Lexington Youth

Sustainable Lexington Youth (SustainabLY) is a subcommittee of the Sustainable Lexington Committee (SLC).

The intention of this subcommittee is for Lexington’s youth to have a voice in the Town’s efforts to address climate change, resilience, and adaptation. As teens have the largest stake in the outcome of these efforts, it is fitting that they have a direct line of communication to express concerns, share ideas, and develop their own recommendations to the SLC and subsequently to the Select Board and Town Meeting.


  • Assist the Town in educating youth about climate change, including ways that they can take action, and encourage their families to do so as well.
  • Work with the schools to advocate for climate change and sustainability education and activities to be incorporated into the curriculum
  • Identify Town projects that students can assist with
  • Make recommendations to SLC in a non-binding and non-voting capacity
  • Other items as determined with the committee and student representatives

Current Members

  • Atreyi Basu (SLC Liaison), LHS Senior
  • Dora Liao (SLC Liaison), LHS Senior
  • David Zhao, LHS Senior
  • Haynes Porter, LHS Senior
  • Swati Sriram, LHS Senior
  • Avni Rathi, LHS Junior
  • Nishanth Veeragandham, LHS Junior
  • Roger Li, LHS Junior
  • Sophie Shaw, LHS Junior
  • Tamar Machaidze, LHS Junior
  • Yolanda Huang, LHS Junior
  • Rahini Konakanchi, LHS Sophomore