Department of Developmental Services

"The Department of Developmental Services provides supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder to enhance opportunities to become fully engaged members of their community" (, 2021).

The Town of Lexington is covered by the Central Middlesex DDS Area Office.

Area Office Information

Address: 35 Nagog Park Suite 2000|  Acton, MA 01720

Phone:  978-206-2050 | Fax: 978-206-2062 | TTY Use Relay Operator

Area Office Director: 

Name: LynnLee Jordan

Email: |  Phone: 978-206-2050

Assistant Director: 

Name: Ken Underwood

Email: Ken.underwood@mass.govPhone: 978-206-2036

Turning 22 Human Services Coordinator Information

Name: Michelle Algeri

Email: Michelle.algeri@mass.govPhone: 978-206-2048

Child Adolescent Services Coordinator Information

Name: Neal Goodman

Email: | Phone: 978-206-2038

Autism Human Services Coordinator Information

Name: Deb Foster-Smith

Email: | Phone: 978-206-2046

Autism Human Services Coordinator Information (Additional)

Name: Kim Caezza

Email: Kimberly.J.Caezza@mass.govPhone: 978-206-2047