What does the building's LEED Silver certification mean?

The Public Services Building, Lexington's first public building that is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certified, was designed and built to specific environmental standards. Major building features in the LEED scoring categories are:

  • Sustainable Sites - good siting and managed traffic flow to reduce impact on the environment and on neighbors.
  • Water Efficiency - low-flow water fixtures, rain harvesting to reduce storm runoff, and reuse of water from washing vehicles.
  • Energy and Atmosphere - southern exposure uses natural light and heat, room occupancy sensors reduce electricity usage.
  • Materials and Resources - pervious pavement for parking spaces; recycled and repurposed building materials include recycled ceramic tile, biocomposite windowsills, recycled carpet, and Forest Services Council-approved lumber.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality - natural lighting from windows and skylights.
  • Innovation in Design - green roof to insulate from heat and noise and protect roof membrane; dual use of lunchroom as Precinct 8 polling place and conference room as Emergency Operations Center.

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2. What does the building's LEED Silver certification mean?
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