Who was Samuel Hadley and why was the building named for him?
  • Samuel Hadley was born July 9, 1746 and died at age of 29 on April 19, 1775 in the Battle of Lexington.
  • Of the 9 Lexington men who died on the Battle Green that day, only Samuel Hadley and John Brown had not had buildings named in their honor.
  • Samuel's parents were Benjamin Thomas Hadley and Ruth Lawrence, who was born in Lexington in 1725.
  • Benjamin and Ruth had twelve children; four of their six sons were soldiers in the American Revolution.
  • The Hadleys were farmers and pioneers who raised livestock for wool and crops such as flax which they wove into fabric.
  • They were active members in community life, were prominent in local religious activities and served in a variety of military groups.
  • The Hadley family has given more than 125 years in service to Lexington as employees in the Fire, Building, School, and Public Works departments since 1775. Several 7th-generation direct descendants of Benjamin and Ruth have been employed by the Town.

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