How do I ride Lexpress?

Check out our short video on how to ride Lexpress!

Routes B, and C begin and end at Depot Square

Route A1 begins at Depot Square and becomes Route A2 as it passes the MBTA stop in front of the Crafty Yankee (across the street from Depot Square) and ends in Depot Square.

Boarding Lexpress outside of Town Center

Lexpress stops on demand anywhere along the route, except in Town Center. The locations and times listed in the schedule are there to help you determine when the bus will arrive in the general area. Riders can board anywhere along the route by standing on the side of the road the bus is traveling and waving to the driver. Make sure you are waiting in a safe and visible area, and be 5 minutes early to allow for variable traffic. Vehicles cannot stop on Middlesex Turnpike, but you can ask the driver to pull into the lot for a business that is on the route (Wegmans, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc).

Boarding Lexpress in Town Center

In Lexington Town Center (between the Minuteman statue and Woburn Street), Lexpress can only stop at MBTA stops, on Grant st, and in Depot Square. Make sure to wave at the driver as they approach, so they know to stop for you!  

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