Is the total cost of $5.5 million for the Westview Cemetery Building accurate?

Full Question: Based on the Appropriations Committee report, after all debt for this project is paid off the total cost of the Westview Cemetery Building would be $5.5 million once you account for the additional $1.5 million of debt service over the life of the debt. Is that accurate?

Answer: The total cost of the project including the study and design (actual cost) and projected construction ($3.29 million using a 4% interest rate and level payment over 20 years, plus the $770,000 in cash capital) would be approximately $5.9 million.

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1. Since the entire Westview project is being re-bid, what is the estimated Construction cost-reduction by reducing the project by one full garage bay?
2. Does that $90,000 include the savings from the financed debt? Or is this project now financed with cash?
3. Has the Town considered a pre-engineered solution for the Westview Cemetery building to remain in budget as was done for the Old Res bathhouse?
4. Will the DPW have enough storage between its main facility on Bedford Street and $4 million facility at Westview to accommodate its operational needs?
5. Is the total cost of $5.5 million for the Westview Cemetery Building accurate?
6. Does the Facilities Department now see that the Center Bathroom project can be done substantially cheaper as a result?
7. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, why not just re-bid the project again in January with the original budget when firms are more likely to bid the work within our budget?