What is a stormwater utility?

Similar to water and sewer utilities, which allocate costs based on the amount of use, a stormwater utility fee is determined based on the amount of hardened or impervious surface on a given parcel (such as parking lots, driveways, and buildings). Parcels with more impervious surface are subject to a higher fee. A Stormwater Enterprise Fund is a financial best practice that will provide a transparent accounting mechanism for tracking income and expenses.

The Town of Lexington is considering adoption of a stormwater utility fee to distribute costs of managing stormwater runoff more equitably.  

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1. What is a stormwater utility?
2. What would the stormwater utility pay for?
3. How will the fee be calculated?
4. Can I reduce my fee?
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6. How would Lexington’s Stormwater Management Program benefit me?
7. What are the fees for Fiscal Year 2025?
8. What is considered impervious area?
9. Will tax-exempt properties pay?
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