What are the fees for Fiscal Year 2025?

A rate model was developed that distributed the annual stormwater revenue requirements by the total rate base (i.e., impervious area eligible to be charged a stormwater fee). The proposed fee structure includes 3 tiers for Single Family Residential (SFR) properties with less than 7,000 square feet of impervious area, based on their individual amount of impervious area (see table to the right).  For non-single family residential (NSFR) properties and SFR with over 7,000 square feet of impervious area, the impervious area on the parcel will be divided by the ERU value to calculate the total number of ERUs on a per parcel basis.  NSFR properties are defined as all multi-family and non-residential (e.g., commercial, industrial, institutional) properties not encompassed by the definition of SFR.  

A detailed analysis and description of the proposed rate structure is provided in the Stormwater Enterprise Fund – Policy and Process Decision Document (April 2022).  Subsequent Select Board meetings have refined the rate structure and fees presented in the April 2022 document.  The current proposed fees are presented below.

All property owners can use this Stormwater Utility Property Viewer to look up the fee calculated for each property in Lexington.

Tier LabelDescription
SFR1IA <= 2,300 sf
2,300 sf < IA <= 4,200 sf
4,200 sf < IA <= 7,000 sf

Customer ClassFY 25 Rate
$155 per ERU
NSFR$155 per ERU

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