Will my yard be ruined?

Your yard may be impacted, depending on the method used to replace your water service. 

There are two methods that may be used to remove the service lines. The preferred method is to dig a test pit at the curb stop, usually within 5 feet of the road at the property boundary. The Contractor will disconnect the existing service from the water meter in the basement and run a cable through the old service that they attach to their equipment by the test pit. They then pull the old service out from that test pit and, at the same time, pull the new copper service into its place by feeding it through the basement. This method significantly limits the construction impact on your yard and landscaping. 

The second method would be to trench the entire service through the yard. This will impact the yard more significantly. The yard will be restored to preconstruction conditions. This method is only necessary if the first method fails. 

During the pre-construction survey, the Contractor will take note of the trench path and identify any additional restoration costs, such as driveways, walkways, stonework, landscaping, and sprinkler systems. The risks and costs will be discussed and agreed upon with The Town and Homeowner before deciding to move forward with the replacement. 

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