How can Phyllostachys be identified?

Please see our Quick Guide to the Identification of Phyllostachys (PDF).

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1. When was the bylaw effective?
2. Which bamboo species are covered by the bylaw?
3. How can Phyllostachys be identified?
4. Is Japanese bamboo (Japanese knotweed; Fallopia japonica) considered running bamboo under the bylaw?
5. Is possession of running bamboo illegal?
6. Are any Phyllostachys or other species of bamboo considered invasive species in Massachusetts?
7. Who is the enforcement officer for the running bamboo bylaw?
8. What are the penalties included in the bylaw?
9. If I removed all the bamboo on my property before June 15 2021, and after June. 15 2021, the bamboo crosses the property line again, is my neighbor liable for the new spread?
10. If bamboo spreads further from mine to my neighbor’s property, could I be liable for allowing it to spread?
11. If my neighbor planted bamboo before the June 15, 2021 deadline, but it didn’t spread onto my property until after June 15 2021, are they liable?
12. Is the landowner with the bamboo legally required to either install containment or alternately remove the bamboo if it was planted before June 15, 2021?
13. Must containment or removal be accomplished on or before June 15, 2021?