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The Town Office Building houses most of the town offices, including the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Select Board, Assessors and Planning. The front entrance of the building faces the Cary Memorial Building.

The building is part of a municipal campus that includes the Cary Memorial Building and the Police Station.

The three brick buildings are of similar architecture and have historical significance for the Lexington community.

The Town Office Building was renovated in 2011. The project included:

  • Accessibility improvements at all entrances and transaction counters
  • Accessibility improvements to restrooms
  • Extension of the fire suppression sprinkler system into the 1971 portion of the building
  • Realignment of department office spaces to improve efficiency, an opportunity created when DPW/Engineering moved to the new Samuel Hadley Public Services Building in 2009

History & Funding

  • The Town Office Building (TOB) was originally constructed in 1927.
  • The rear wing, added in 1971, enlarged the building footprint and made available additional office space.
  • Public Works Administration and the Engineering Division relocated from their long-time home on the TOB second floor to the new Samuel Hadley Public Services Building in 2009. This freed up a significant amount of space in the building where offices and meeting rooms were in short supply.
  • The Town Manager recommended a building evaluation to recommend how best to structure internal space for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in serving staff and customers.
  • In 2008 and 2009, a total of $110,000 was appropriated for the design phase of the project. The architectural firm of Bargmann, Hendrie and Archetype (BH+A) was hired to study space needs, evaluate the building, and design construction drawings.
  • The 2010 Annual Town Meeting appropriated $1,825,000 for remodeling, reconstructing and making extraordinary repairs to the Town Office Building - $1,185,000 in funding from the Historic Resources Reserve of the Community Preservation Fund and $640,000 in General Fund borrowing authorization.
  • Construction began in March of 2011 and was essentially completed in December of 2011.
  • During the project, department staff in building areas scheduled for renovation were moved to temporary offices in the Cary Memorial Building.


  1. Dawes Room - top floor

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  2. Parker Room - ground floor

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  3. Planning Office - ground floor

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  4. Select Board Meeting Room - top floor

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  5. Select Board Office

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