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Fingerprint Request Form

  1. The Lexington Police Department strives to provide fingerprinting services in a timely manner. Note: You do not need to register or login to use this form.

    Please consider the following when requesting fingerprints:

    • Do not use this form to request fingerprints for a firearms license application. We will contact you to schedule an appointment when the necessary paperwork has been completed.
    • Fingerprint services are available only to current Lexington residents.
    • Please provide availability dates that are at least five days in advance of the request. In certain cases fingerprinting may be available on a more urgent basis, but this cannot be assured.
    • In some cases we may need to reschedule appointments due to staffing levels and emergency situations.
    • Photo identification is required, such as driver's license or passport photo.
    • Fee: $10 per visit
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