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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Ad Hoc Transportation Committee (AHTC)
  3. Affordable Housing Trust Board of Trustees (AHTBT)
  4. Appropriation Committee (AC)
  5. Battle Road Scenic Byway Committee (BRSBC)
  6. Board of Appeals (ZBA)
  7. Board of Assessors (BASS)
  8. Board of Health (BOH)
  9. Board of Library Trustees
  10. Board of Registrars (BOR)
  11. Bowman School Council (BOWMAN)
  12. Bridge School Council (BRIDGE)
  13. Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC)
  14. Cary Lecture Committee (CLS)
  15. Clarke Middle School Council (CLARKE)
  16. Commission on Disability (COD)
  17. Communications Advisory Committee (CAC)
  18. Community Preservation Committee (CPC)
  19. Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)
  20. Condominium Conversion Board (CCB)
  21. Conservation Commission (CONCOM)
  22. Council on Aging (COA)
  23. Department of Public Works (DPW)
  24. Design Advisory Committee (DAC)
  25. Diamond Middle School Council (DIAMOND)
  26. DO NOT USE - Dissolved TDES- Tax Deferral and Exemption Study Committee (TDES)
  27. Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
  28. Estabrook School Council (ESTABROOK)
  29. Fence Viewers (FV)
  30. Fiske School Based Site Council
  31. Fund for Lexington Board (FFLB)
  32. Gammel Legacy Trust (GLT)
  33. Greenways Corridor Committee (GCC)
  34. Hanscom Area Towns Committee (HATS)
  35. Hanscom Field Advisory Commission (HFAC)
  36. Harrington School Council (HARRINGTON)
  37. Hastings School Council (HASTINGS)
  38. Historic Districts Commission (HDC)
  39. Historical Commission (HC)
  40. Housing Partnership Board (HPB)
  41. Land Acquisition Committee
  42. Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC)
  43. Lexington Center Committee (LCC)
  1. Lexington Council for the Arts (ARTS)
  2. Lexington Emergency Housing Assistance Committee (LEHAC)
  3. Lexington High School Council (LHS)
  4. Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LEXHAB)
  5. Lexington Housing Authority (LHA)
  6. Lexington Human Rights Committee (LHRC)
  7. Lexington Scholarship and Education Fund Board (LSEF)
  8. Metropolitan Area Plan Council (MAPC)
  9. Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC)
  10. Minuteman Cane Award Selection Committee (CANE)
  11. Minuteman High School Council (MINUTEMAN)
  12. Minuteman Regional High School District Committee (MMTECH)
  13. Monuments and Memorials Committee (MMC)
  14. Noise Advisory Committee (NAC)
  15. Permanent Building Committee (PBC)
  16. Pierce-Lockwood Neighborhood Conservation District Commission (PLNCD)
  17. Planning Board (PB)
  18. Police Manual Policy Committee (PMPC)
  19. Policy Manual Committee (PMC)
  20. Recreation Committee (REC)
  21. Regional Meeting Postings
  22. Registrars of Voters
  23. Retirement Board (RB)
  24. School Building Committee
  25. School Committee (SC)
  26. School Master Planning Advisory Committee (SMPAC)
  27. Select Board (SB)
  28. Semiquincentennial Commission - Lex250 (LEX250)
  29. Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPAC)
  30. Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA)
  31. Sustainable Lexington Committee (SLC)
  32. Tourism Committee (TOUR2)
  33. Town Celebrations Committee (TCC)
  34. Town Clerk
  35. Town Report Committee (TRC)
  36. Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
  37. Tree Committee (TREE)
  38. Trustees of Cary Library (BLT)
  39. Trustees of Public Trusts (TPT)
  40. Turning Mill Neighborhood Conservation District Commission(NCDTM)
  41. Vision for Lexington Committee (VISION 2025)
  42. Water and Sewer Abatement Board (WSAB)
  43. Youth Commission (YC)


  1. All
  2. 2024 Aquatics Calendar
  3. Ad Hoc Transportation Committee (AHTC)
  4. Affordable Housing Trust Board of Trustees (AHTBT)
  5. Appropriation Committee (AC)
  6. Assessor's Office
  7. Battle Road Scenic Byway Committee (BRSBC)
  8. Board of Appeals (ZBA)
  9. Board of Assessors (BASS)
  10. Board of Health (BOH)
  11. Board of Registrars (BOR)
  12. Bowman School Council (BOWMAN)
  13. Bridge School Council (BRIDGE)
  14. Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC)
  15. Cary Lecture Committee (CLS)
  16. Clarke Middle School Council (CLARKE)
  17. Commission on Disability (COD)
  18. Communications Advisory Committee (CAC)
  19. Community Center
  20. Community Event Calendar
  21. Community Preservation Committee (CPC)
  22. Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)
  23. Condominium Conversion Board (CCB)
  24. Conservation Commission (CONCOM)
  25. Conservation Division
  26. Council on Aging (COA)
  27. Department of Public Works (DPW)
  28. Design Advisory Committee (DAC)
  29. Diamond Middle School Council (DIAMOND)
  30. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  31. DO NOT USE - Dissolved TDES
  32. Early Voting Session
  33. Economic Development
  34. Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
  35. Estabrook School Council (ESTABROOK)
  36. Fence Viewers (FV)
  37. Fiske School Based Site Council
  38. Fund for Lexington Board (FFLB)
  39. Gammel Legacy Trust (GLT)
  40. Greenways Corridor Committee (GCC)
  41. Hanscom Area Towns Committee (HATS)
  42. Hanscom Field Advisory Commission (HFAC)
  43. Harrington School Council (HARRINGTON)
  44. Hastings School Council (HASTINGS)
  45. Historic Districts Commission (HDC)
  46. Historical Commission (HC)
  47. Housing Partnership Board (HPB)
  48. Human Services
  49. Innovation & Technology
  50. Land Acquisition Committee
  51. Land Use, Housing & Development
  52. LERN Calendar
  53. Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC)
  1. Lexington Center Committee (LCC)
  2. Lexington Council for the Arts (ARTS)
  3. Lexington Emergency Housing Assistance (LEHAC)
  4. Lexington High School Council (LHS)
  5. Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LEXHAB)
  6. Lexington Housing Authority (LHA)
  7. Lexington Human Rights Committee (LHRC)
  8. Lexington Scholarship and Educ. Fund Board (LSEF)
  9. Main Calendar
  10. Mental Health Task Force
  11. Metropolitan Area Plan Council (MAPC)
  12. Minuteman Adv. Group on Interlocal Coord (MAGIC)
  13. Minuteman Cane Award Selection Committee (CANE)
  14. Minuteman High School Council (MINUTEMAN)
  15. Minuteman Regional HS District Cmte (MMTECH)
  16. Monuments and Memorials Committee (MMC)
  17. Noise Advisory Committee (NAC)
  18. Participatory Budgeting
  19. Permanent Building Committee (PBC)
  20. Pierce-Lockwood Neighborhood Cons. Dist. (PLNCD)
  21. Planning Board (PB)
  22. Police Manual Policy Committee (PMPC)
  23. Policy Manual Committee (PMC)
  24. Public Health Department
  25. Public Meeting
  26. Recreation & Community Programs
  27. Recreation Committee (REC)
  28. Retirement Board (RB)
  29. School Building Committee
  30. School Committee (SC)
  31. School Master Planning Advisory Committee (SMPAC)
  32. Select Board
  33. Semiquincentennial Commission - Lex250 (LEX250)
  34. Senior Services
  35. Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPAC)
  36. Special Education Parent Teacher Assoc (SEPTA)
  37. Sustainable Lexington Committee (SLC)
  38. TOB Parking Calendar
  39. Tourism Committee (TOUR2)
  40. Town Celebrations Committee (TCC)
  41. Town Clerk
  42. Town Report Committee (TRC)
  43. Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
  44. Transportation Planning Calendar
  45. Transportation Services
  46. Tree Committee (TREE)
  47. Trustees of Cary Library (BLT)
  48. Trustees of Public Trusts (TPT)
  49. Turning Mill Neighborhood Conserv Dist Com (NCDTM)
  50. Veterans' Services
  51. Vision for Lexington Committee (VISION 2025)
  52. Water and Sewer Abatement Board (WSAB)
  53. Youth Commission (YC)