ACROSS Lexington

People walking with a dog near an old stone wall

ACROSS Lexington tricorn hat logoACROSS Lexington:
ccessing Conservation land, Recreation areas, Open space, Schools and Streets in Lexington

ACROSS Lexington, a project of the Greenways Corridor Committee, is a network of marked trails and paths for walkers, runners and trail bikers. 8 routes (labelled A - H) — totaling over 28 miles — have been completed to date. Eventually, the trail system will span 40 miles.

The routes use existing public ways to connect the town center with various historic sites, schools and conservation areas. Residents and visitors will gain enjoyment and fitness as they travel around town without a car.

Map of Routes A - H
ACROSS Lexington brochure and map, showing routes A - H

In Memoriam:
Rick Abrams (1956-2014), a founding member of the Greenways Corridor Committee, was an enthusiastic and dedicated advocate of ACROSS Lexington and the health benefits of walking.

Donations to support ACROSS Lexington are welcome and may be sent to
ACROSS Lexington Trust Fund
Town of Lexington
1625 Massachusetts Ave.
Lexington, MA 02420

Please make checks out to Town of Lexington, and write Rick Abrams ACROSS Lexington Trust Fund on the memo line.

Future Trails 

In the next year the Greenways Corridor Committee plans to create new routes that:

Get Involved! 

Help us expand and maintain the ACROSS Lexington system and the trails in Lexington's conservation properties. Please contact Jordan McCarron, Stewardship Coordinator..


Out on the trails? Snap a picture of yourself next to an ACROSS Lexington sign and post it on our Facebook page.

The ACROSS Lexington trails loop through a number of conservation areas, most of which have their own networks of trails. The Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land includes color trail maps for Lexington’s 26 walkable conservation areas.