Bike Share Comes to Lexington

 Minuteman Bike ShareLexington has introduced the Minuteman Bike Share, with 14 bicycles in a rack by the Visitors Center. The service is run by Zagster, a popular bike share program used by several other local communities and businesses.

The bikes will be available until the end of November, then will be back again April 1.

What's bike sharing?

You sign up with a company – for Lexington it's Zagster – then when you want to use a bike, you go to the bike sharing station, unlock a bike, and off you go! When you're done with it, you lock it back up at the station.

1. Choose your bike.  2. Unlock.  3. Ride.  4. Return & Lock

What's it cost?

It costs the Town about $27,000 a year, taken from the Center Stabilization Fund. Some of that will be recouped from the rental fees, which all come back to the Town.

What it costs you to ride a bike depends on what kind of membership you want. You can pay by the ride, or get a monthly or yearly membership.

Where will the Bike Sharing Station be?

Right next to the Visitors Center, where the Commuter Bikeway crosses Meriam Street.

How many bikes will it have?

We have a rack of 14 bikes.

Why are we using Zagster?

Their bikes are lighter than some other companys', and they include a lock, so users don't have to bring their own to lock up the bike while they're using it. And it made the most economic sense for the Town.