Board of Health

The Board of Health has lifted the indoor mask mandate. This includes schools and school busses.

The State mandate, which requires mask wearing in most transportation and healthcare settings, is still in effect. See the State mandate.

Due to the current COVID 19 State of Emergency, the Board of Health has adopted an Emergency Suspension of all non-essential Public Health activities with some exceptions as detailed in the order.

See the full text of the Board of Health order.

Appointed by the Town Manager, the 5 member Lexington Board of Health acts as an advisory and oversight Board to the Lexington Public Health Division. 

In addition, the Board of Health is held responsible, (under various Massachusetts General Laws), for disease prevention and control, and health and environmental protection and promoting a healthy community. Lexington Board of Health members frequently reference Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection protocols.  

The Lexington Board of Health develops, implements and enforces local health regulations, oversees environmental health inspections to maintain minimum standards for sanitation in housing and food service, and assures that the basic health needs of their community are being met.