Volunteer Opportunities in the Town

participate in your local democracy

Citizen participation in local government is a strong tradition in Lexington. The issues and challenges faced by our local government, and their impact on people’s lives in the community, are important and complex.

There are numerous opportunities to participate in Town affairs, to help shape policy, to work with interesting people, and to assist in the growth and prosperity of the Town. We hope you will share your skills and knowledge with us by volunteering for the Town.

Join an Appointed Board or Committee

Run for Town Meeting or an elected Board:

Find out more about running for these positions 

Volunteer for a Town department:

  • Recreation and Community Programs - For more information, contact the Recreation and Community Programs Department at 781-698-4800.
  • Human Services - Senior Service Program: Seniors volunteer to work for town and school departments in exchange for property tax abatements. Contact the Senior Center at 781-861-0194 for more information
  • Conservation Stewards - help us care for the Town's conservation land
  • Check other department web pages for volunteer opportunities

Earn School Community Service Hours:

Each student at Lexington High School is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service during their high school career. Find out more about this requirement.

Information for Potential Committee Members

View the complete list of Committees 

On each committee page there is information on the makeup of the committee, requirements for members, and the committee's "charge" - that is, the purpose of the group.

Application Process

The Application Form is available online and at the Selectmen's and Town Manager's Offices. Applications are made available to the appointing authority, which varies by committee.

Please include information on your application that will make it possible to identify both your interests and your talents; for example:

  • professional and/or educational background
  • job history and responsibilities
  • community, civic, religious, cultural, service, athletic or other activities

Attaching your resume is requested and helpful.

Let us know if your interests are limited to a specific field or committee. You may want to attend a meeting and introduce yourself to the Chair. All committee meetings are open to the public and are posted at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting in our Public Meetings Calendar, in the Lexington Minuteman, in the Police Station lobby, and outside the Town Clerk's office on the first floor of the Town Office Building.  Names of chairs are available by following the Members link on the committee's webpage, or from the Town Clerk, Selectmen's Office, or Town Manager's Office.


The following basic criteria guide appointing authorities in identifying applicants having the qualities and abilities that will facilitate the important and necessary work of a board, committee, or commission.

  • Applicants must live in, pay taxes to, or work in Lexington, or otherwise have a vested interest in the Lexington community. A few committees have a residency requirement, which is indicated on that committee’s web page.
  • Members of appointed committees should be people of competence, good will and sound, objective judgment. They should be sensitive to the long-term as well as immediate impact of their decisions and recommendations.
  • Members must be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Membership on some committees requires particular expertise, which is described on an individual committee’s web page.

Some committees have associate, non-voting members as well as full members. On those committees, vacancies on the full committee are typically filled from the pool of associates.

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