Westview Cemetery office is open Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm., but the cemetery gate is open year round; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Cemetery rates and service fees are approved by the Board of Selectmen.


We encourage the placing of fresh flowers at Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day (Memorial Day flowers must be removed by 7:00 a.m. on the Monday following Memorial Day) and Father's Day.  Digging or planting of any kind is prohibited.

We do ask that vases be:  bronze or aluminum vases, which you can purchase from the monument companies; or galvanized vases, which can be purchased at Westview Cemetery.  Please do not use glass or china vases, which are just too fragile to be used in the cemetery. 

When you place the vases at the gravesite, please place them on the gravestones.  This will allow us to properly mow and maintain the turf.  Vases placed on the grass can cause injury to the turf and can significantly increase mowing time.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Once the fresh flowers become unsightly, we will remove them.  During the winter months, vases must be turned down, or removed to prevent damage and the possibility of person injury. 

Artificial flowers or decorations are not permitted between April 1st and November 20th.  Christmas wreaths and other artificial decorations may be placed on the gravesites after November 20th.  These items must be removed by March 1st.


Flags may be placed at the graves for Memorial Day and Flag Day.  They may be placed by lot owners, veteran organizations, or other groups.  We ask that the flags be placed no sooner than a week before Memorial Day and that they be removed the day after Flag Day.  We regret that we cannot be responsible for flags, flag holders, emblems, or other personal property left at the gravesites.  Please remove them yourselves for safekeeping.

Cemetery Regulations

Please see Westview Cemetery Rules and Regulations booklet.  Please contact the Superintendent of Public Grounds with any questions.