Center Streetscape and Battle Green Projects

The road traveled by history and the project that will guide the future

Starting August 16, 2016 the Town of Lexington Engineering Division, with approval from the Board of Selectman, is scheduled to perform three traffic trials in the downtown and Battle Green area.  These trials include:

  • Eliminating the right turn lane on Massachusetts Avenue westbound at the Edison Way approach (right turn movement is not restricted)
  • Eliminating the right turn lane on Massachusetts Avenue eastbound at the Waltham Street approach (right turn movement is not restricted)
  • Changing Harrington Road one-way from Bedford Street toward Massachusetts Avenue

There will be ample signage as well as temporary flexible bollards and barrels installed to clearly demarcate this temporary trial.  It is believed that these design features may provide improved pedestrian safety in the area.  Prior to any decision to make permanent changes it was determined that it would be best to perform these trials to see the impacts they have and to understand any negative impacts that may be introduced as well.  The trial period is estimated to be 3 months. If you have any questions or feedback, please email:  

More Information About the Trial:

The Projects in a Nutshell - two separate, adjacent projects:

  • Center Streetscape Project, encompassing streets and sidewalks along Mass. Ave. from Meriam St (next to the Visitors Center) to the Woburn Street intersection just past the Police Station. Reconstruction of the Woburn Street/Massachusetts Ave intersection is part of Phase I of this project.
  • Battle Green Project, encompassing the streets and sidewalks around the Battle Green.

Both projects are focused on:

  • Improving pedestrian safety
  • Accommodating bicycle traffic
  • Making sidewalks and crosswalks more accessible and safer for people with disabilities

Where we are on these projects:

  • The Center Streetscape Project plans are completed to the 25% Design stage. Phase 1 of the project focuses on the area from the Cary Memorial Building driveway to the Woburn Street / Mass. Ave. intersection.
  • The Battle Green Project is completed at the conceptual stage. The Town Planning and Engineering Departments, with help from our consultants, have compiled information on traffic patterns and accident history, and researched possible solutions.

Center Streetscape 25% Design Stage:

  • At this point, we are seeking comments from the public and the Selectmen. The overall design has been completed, including: overall geometry, traffic lane layout, curb lines, and sidewalk/crosswalk locations.
  • Detailed design work has not been completed.  This will include: exact materials, sidewalk elevations, signs & locations, lighting, and drainage.

Phase I of Construction includes the Woburn Street / Mass. Ave. Intersection:

  • The proposed design includes a traffic signal, new pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection, intersection reconfiguration, bump outs, a new traffic pattern, road reconstruction and sidewalk replacement.
  • The Board of Selectman approved moving forward with this design at their October 6, 2014 meeting. See the full presentation to the BOS.
  • Other designs that were considered include:

- Do Nothing
- Single lane Roundabout
- Two lane Roundabout
- Redesigned crosswalks without a traffic signal

You may submit questions or comments about the Woburn Street/Mass. Ave. intersection project to the Streetscape Project email address.
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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.  FAQs will be updated regularly.


Streetscape Project Background

In early 2013, the Town of Lexington hired the BETA Group, Inc. to perform a transportation data collection program and traffic modeling/simulation for the center streetscape design plan. In addition to the center roadway analysis, BETA has conducted a traffic study around the Battle Green and has developed conceptual plans related to parking, traffic calming, and safe pedestrian access.  The consultant has developed 25% design plans of the Massachusetts Avenue corridor from Meriam Street to Woburn Street. Currently the focus is on Phase 1 of the 25% plans, a section of Mass. Ave. which extends from the Woburn Street intersection westerly to just past the Cary Memorial Building.

Center attributes:

  • Population of approximately 60,000 within a three mile radius
  • Dozens of street trees, benches, lamp posts, flower barrels and bike racks
  • Location of the Commonwealth's first parklet
  • Steps away from the Historic Battle Green
  • Civic heart with Cary Memorial Library and Town Offices complex
  • Transportation hub with connections to MBTA, Lexpress, REV Shuttle & Minuteman Bikeway