Electricity from Renewable Resources

Lexington's Community Choice Program

Solar cells, wind turbine and hydroelectric dam; photos courtesy Alespa, Harvey McDaniel, 
Denimadept, Wikipedia Commons.
Photos courtesy Alespa, Harvey McDaniel, Denimadept, Wikimedia Commons.

This program provides residents and businesses with electricity generated from 100% renewable resources for a price that is lower than the current Basic Service Rate charged by Eversource.

This is done with electricity aggregation: using the bulk purchasing power of Lexington's residents and businesses to get the best price possible for the community.

Who is included?

All Lexington residents and businesses that previously received Eversource Basic Service were automatically enrolled in the program as of July, 2017, unless:

  • They had already established a contract with their own electricity supplier.
  • They opted out of the program and remained with Eversource.

New Eversource Basic Service customers in Lexington will receive a notification letter one or two months after setting up their Eversource account with information about the program and will be automatically enrolled unless they opt out.

All program participants retain the right to opt out any time after enrollment with no penalty.

Residents and businesses can still opt out at any time with no penalty.

All Lexington residents and businesses received a notification letter in June, 2017 with information about the program.

Who manages this program?

Lexington hired Peregrine Energy Group to work with the Town on implementing this program. They manage the Community Choice website, which includes pricing information, important program documents, and access to customer support.. You can also reach Peregrine Energy Group by email, or by phone at 1-844-379-9935.

Agera Energy is the electricity supplier for the program. Lexington signed a contract with Agera energy from July 2017 to December 2018.

Eversource is still the company you call for service or power outages, and they are still the company that will bill you for electricity use. 

What changed when this started?

As a program participant, you will see just two changes on your electricity bill:

  • Your electricity supply price changed to the Community Choice rate.
  • Agera Energy is now listed instead of Eversource as your electricity supplier.

Everything else remains the same. You continue to receive your bill from Eversource, pay Eversource, and call Eversource when your power goes out or you have service issues.

For more information, visit the Community Choice website.