Electricity from Renewable Resources

Lexington's Community Choice Program

community choice video
(Community Choice Info Session, December 10, 2020)

This program provides residents and businesses with electricity generated from renewable resources.

This is done with electricity aggregation: using the bulk purchasing power of Lexington's residents and businesses to get the best price possible for the community.

This program is managed by a company selected by the Town, which currently is Constellation NewEnergy (Constellation).

Eversource is still the company you call for service or power outages, and they are still the company that will bill you for electricity use. 

View the most current brochure for details.

Find out more about this program, including pricing and your options.

Third Party Solicitations

If someone calls you or comes to your door and wants to talk to you about your electricity bill, they do not represent the Town of Lexington or Eversource.

Neither Lexington's Community Choice program, nor Eversource, will ever call you or come to your door. Lexington has an exclusive contract with Constellation New Energy to supply electricity to the Town, and Constellation will not call you or come to your door either.

If some does call or come to your door, protect your Eversource account number. Treat it like a credit card number. Remember, if anyone you don't know asks to see a copy of your electricity bill, you do not need to provide it. 

You have the right to choose your own electricity supplier. If you choose to sign a contract with an electricity supplier, the Town recommends that read the fine print closely and watch for: 

  • A low introductory price that later rises or varies sharply.
  • Contracts that commit you to a certain period of time and charge an early termination fee if you try to leave early.
  • Claims that another program offers the same renewable energy as Lexington's Community Choice program. Lexington prioritizes renewable energy from projects in New England. The 100% Green option in Lexington's program offers 100% renewable energy and as part of that includes an additional 5% from renewable energy projects in New England, over and above the state required minimum. The New England Green option includes 100% renewable energy, all from renewable energy projects in New England.  

Lexington's Community Choice program offers a long-term price that will not change until December 2020 and the right to leave the program at any time with no fee or penalty.

For more information about Lexington's Community Choice program, visit masspowerchoice.com/lexington.