The Stewardship Saturday volunteer event scheduled for Saturday, September 15th at Hayden Woods has been cancelled; please visit our conservation calendar for upcoming stewardship events.

Conservation Division Overview

The Conservation Division serves three primary purposes:

  • to administer and enforce state and local wetlands protection codes, as well as the state Stormwater Management Policy
  • to manage over 1,300 acres of town-owned conservation land and monitor conservation easements and restrictions
  • to conduct outreach and education regarding the town's natural resources and watersheds

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission serves to protect and preserve the natural resources of the town and to acquire land for conservation and recreation purposes. A major aspect of the Conservation Commission’s work is to protect the streams, rivers, and wetlands in Lexington by overseeing the permitting process for activities that may affect these areas. Learn more>>

Wetlands Protection

The Wetlands Protection Act (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 131, Section 40) prohibits any filling, excavation, or other alteration of the land surface or vegetation in wetlands, floodplains, or within 100 feet of wetlands, regardless of ownership, without a permit from the local Conservation Commission. Town rules (Chapter 130) also apply to activities that may impact wetlands. Anyone seeking to do any work within 100 feet of a wetland, 200 feet of a river or stream, or in any area that may cause additional runoff into a wetland, river, or stream must obtain prior approval of the Conservation Commission. Learn more>>

Conservation Land   

Over 1,300 acres--or approximately 12% of the town's area--have been protected in Lexington either as town-owned conservation lands or as conservation restrictions or easements. This conserved land provides our town with wildlife habitat, ecosystem services such as air and water filtration, and recreational and educational opportunities. We invite you to explore one of our 27 conservation areas, including places like Willard's Woods, Dunback Meadow, and Whipple Hill. Learn more>>

Lexington Conservation Stewards

A dedicated team of volunteers, the Lexington Conservation Stewards, helps the Conservation Division to steward and manage the conservation land in Lexington. The Stewards host stewardship workdays, publish a newsletter, and hold two annual meetings with guest lecturers. Joining is easy! Learn more>>

The Lower Vine Brook running through Lexington


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Karen Mullins Conservation Administrator 781-698-4501
Casey Hagerty Department Assistant 781-698-4506
Jordan McCarron Conservation Stewardship Program Coordinator 781-698-4505