Other Conservation Information & Organizations

Related Lexington Conservation Groups:

Citizens for Lexington Conservation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the natural environment in the Town of Lexington.

For questions about Lexington's tree by-law and street trees, contact the Town of Lexington's Tree Committee.

The Greenway Corridor Committee develops trails and open space connections throughout Lexington via the ACROSS Lexington network.

The Global Warming Action Coalition raises awareness about global warming and climate change.

The Sustainable Lexington Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to enhance Lexington's long-term sustainability and resilience in response to environmental resource and energy challenges.

Other Conservation Information:

Native plants suitable for landscape planting in Lexington

Information about stormwater run-off

For questions and concerns about wildlife and domestic animals in Lexington, contact the Town of Lexington Police Department

Lexington's current Open Space and Recreation Plan

For questions about town recreation land, including parks, playgrounds, fields, and swimming facilities, contact the Town of Lexington's Recreation and Community Programs Department

For questions about recycling and composting in Lexington, contact the Town of Lexington's Division of Environmental Services

Information about the Minuteman Bikeway

Information about the Minuteman National Historic Park and the Battleroad Trail.