Engineering Construction Projects

While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions. This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.

Projects Under Construction

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  • 2020 Paving Program (updated 2/26/20)  The Town will once again be using a contractor for surface treatment applications as well as a paving contractor for traditional paving techniques. The list of streets in each contract as well as other information will be available soon.  
    • Traditional Paving Contract Coming soon! 
    • Surface Treatment  Coming soon! 

Information about both contracts


  • Phase 7 Sewer System Improvements (posted 1/7/20) Work includes cleaning, lining, inspection, testing and sealing of sewer mains throughout Town.


  • Water Distribution System Improvements (posted 2/26/20) The contract is for approximately 4300 linear feet of water main replacement and related work which may also include other utility work. The water main to be removed and replaced is located; on the entire street of Eldred Street and White Pine Lane, and Peacock Farm Road, from Compton Circle to Bennett Avenue. 


  • Pelham Road Reconstruction (posted 3/25/20)  The work for this project includes, but is not limited to, excavation, grading, and constructing a new concrete sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, drainage structures and pipe, installing granite and hot mix asphalt curbing, hot mix asphalt paving, traffic signs and other miscellaneous work.


  • Community Center Walkway Improvement (posted 4/16/20)  Work will begin the week of 4/21 and is expected to take three weeks. The work for this project includes, but is not limited to, excavation, grading, and constructing a new concrete sidewalk, drainage structures, reconstruction of existing wall, handicap ramps, solar light bollards, and other miscellaneous work.


  • Drainage Improvements  (posted 9/27/19)   Project includes drainage improvements on Munroe, Tyler and Paul Revere by way of installation of underground piping, modification of berms and swales and addition of a catch basin respectively.


  • Intersection Improvements: Mass at Worthen (posted 2/26/20)  This project will entail roadway pavement reconstruction, sidewalk and wheelchair ramps, improved traffic operations and safety, improved pedestrian access and safety, signs and pavement markings. This work is currently scheduled to begin after the July 4th Holiday.


Projects by other entities affecting Lexington

Work in the roads during the winter is restricted to emergency only. Check back here in spring of 2020 for updates.

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