Engineering Construction Projects

While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions. This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.

Projects Under Construction


See the bottom of the page for other important Non-Town related construction information.

  • 2018 Paving Program (updated 9/20/18)  Crews are paving Suzanne, Millbrook and Westwood today, 9/20. Crews will begin work on Westwood at 7am and proceed according to the map. Work should wrap up at 6pm. The roads will be closed and residents are advised to park offsite if access is required to the neighborhood during the day.  Crews and detail officers will navigate school buses into the neighborhood to pick up and drop off students. Please note that driveway aprons on roads paved recently will be paved in the next couple of weeks.  You may notice a gap where it looks like the drive does not meet current pavement on the street.  When the aprons are paved they will match the grade of the street.  In some cases, the aprons will have a raised surface to keep the storm water in the street from running to the home if it is lower.  Inpsectors in the field watch for this and it is field corrected during the work.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Vaille Ave Water Main Replacement (posted 9/5/18) Work is wrapping up-crews are currently paing the trenches.  The project includes over 900' of water main replacement from the itersection with Reed St. the project is currently out to bid and work is expected to take place over the 2018 construction season.


  • Bedford Street Mid-Block Crosswalk Project and MCA Pedestrian Crossing Improvements (posted 7/20/18)  The work for this project includes construction of the Bedford Street Mid-Block Crosswalk with High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk beacon (HAWK) signal and Munroe Center of the Arts Pedestrian Cross Improvements, Massachusetts Avenue in the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts.


  • Whipple Hill Streambed Restoration Project (posted 6/20/18)  Work has been progressing nicely and is expected to finish up on October 3rd.  Please note the trail is closed until the project is complete. This project includes the restoration of approximately 240 linear feet of embankment along with the removal of a redundant, stone stream-crossing in Whipple Brook, replacement of an existing wooden pedestrian footbridge stream-crossing, in addition to restoration of washed-out portion of trail. The project site is located at the Whipple Hill Conservation area, accessible from Summer Street.


  • Worthen Road Pump Station Upgrades (posted 9/5/18) Work includes installation of  a submersible pump station; consisting of a new concrete wetwell and a separate valve vault structure, placement of non-clog submersible pumps with lifting guide rails, a control cabinet with electrical, pump controls, and appurtenances; and a stand-by generator, new 4-inch to a new 6-inch DI force main  from the proposed pump station to connect to the existing 6-inch AC force main, 8-inch PVC gravity sewer, paving, loaming & seeding, landscaping, fence installation, and other associated finish work.  Lane closures may be neccessary.  


  • Grant Street Bridge Rehabilitation (posted 9/5/18) This project inludes repainting the bridge, inslatlation of new fencing, forming and pour of new concrete curbing. Phase 1, cleaning and painting of superstructure work is compete.  Phase 2 involves the concrete work and may also have bikeway and Grant St restrictions. The project is expected to wrap up in September. See current schedule


  • Dunback Meadow and Mill Brook Sewer System Improvements (posted 9/18/17)This project includes 2,857 lf of cleaning, inspecting, testing and sealing; cementitious lining of 41 manholes; installing 69 lf of cured-in-place short liners; 7,672 lf of manhole-to-manhole cured-in-place lining; performing open cut point repairs in two locations; rehabilitate 25 service connections; raising four manholes two feet above grade; and other related tasks.



  • Pedestrian Improvement Project: Bedford St at Hartwell Ave (posted 9/5/18) Punchlist items are still left to complete the work.  The project includes sidewalk and wheelchair ramp reconstruction, curb replacement, other appurtenant and miscellaneous work at the intersection of Bedford Street/Hartwell Avenue.


  • Old Reservoir Dam Restoration Project (posted 9/13/18)  Work is finishing soon.  The project includes removing trees and brush, regrading around the dam, making earthwork improvements and repairs to the existing dam and restoring the embankments.  



  • Pavement Markings (posted 8/22/18)  The work for this project includes, but is not limited to, epoxy and latex long line striping, as well as symbols including directional arrows, sharrows and bike lane symbols.


Projects by other entities affecting Lexington

  • HAFB is replacing their sewer main in Hartwell Ave.  The contractor working for the base will be paving Tuesday, September 25th-27th.  The road is not expected to fully closed, but, detail officers will be on site to route traffic aroud the paving so heavy delays should be expected.  Seek alternate routes if possible.   

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