Engineering Construction Projects


While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions. This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.

Projects Under Construction


See the bottom of the page for other important Non-Town related construction information.


  • Vaille Ave Water Main Replacement (posted 4/20/18) The projects includes over 900' of water main replacement from the itersection with Reed St. the project is currently out to bid and work is expected to take place over the 2018 construction season.


  • Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Sign and Pavement Marking Project (posted 5/10/17) This project includes fabrication and installation of street signs and roadway markings along the bikeway and at crossings.


  • School Zone Sign and Pavement Marking Upgrades (posted 8/3/17)  replacement of traffic signs, pavement marking upgrades, and other appurtenant and miscellaneous work in 7 School Zones and possibly other miscellaneous areas throughout town


  • Dunback Meadow and Mill Brook Sewer System Improvements (posted 9/18/17)This project includes 2,857 lf of cleaning, inspecting, testing and sealing; cementitious lining of 41 manholes; installing 69 lf of cured-in-place short liners; 7,672 lf of manhole-to-manhole cured-in-place lining; performing open cut point repairs in two locations; rehabilitate 25 service connections; raising four manholes two feet above grade; and other related tasks

  • Pedestrian Improvement Project: Bedford St at Hartwell Ave (posted 10/13/17) The project includes sidewalk and wheelchair ramp reconstruction, curb replacement, other appurtenant and miscellaneous work at the intersection of Bedford Street/Hartwell Avenue.

  • Old Reservoir Dam Restoration Project (posted 4/19/18)  The project includes removing trees and brush, regrading around the dam, making earthwork improvements and repairs to the existing dam and restoring the embankments.  The work is anticipated to take place during school summer vacation 2018. The recreational areas in the area will be open during the work including the reservoir.


Projects by other entities affecting Lexington

  • National Grid is working on Main relay on Hancock St.  The work should continue To the begining of June.  Road closures may be neccessary and are field set by National Grid and the Lexington Police Department.  National Grid is also working on Lowell St at Woburn St tieing in services to the new main which was installed last year. 

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