Engineering Construction Projects

While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions. This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.

Projects Under Construction


See the bottom of the page for other important Non-Town related construction information.


  • Phase 6 Sewer System Improvements (posted 12/11/18) Work includes cleaning, lining, inspection, testing and sealing of sewer mains throughout Town.


  • Bedford Street Mid-Block Crosswalk Project and MCA Pedestrian Crossing Improvements (posted 10/31/18)  The work for this project includes construction of the Bedford Street Mid-Block Crosswalk with High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk beacon (HAWK) signal and Munroe Center of the Arts Pedestrian Cross Improvements, Massachusetts Avenue in the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts. Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2019.


  • Pedestrian Improvement Project: Bedford St at Hartwell Ave (posted 9/5/18) Punchlist items are still left to complete the work.  The project includes sidewalk and wheelchair ramp reconstruction, curb replacement, other appurtenant and miscellaneous work at the intersection of Bedford Street/Hartwell Avenue.


Projects by other entities affecting Lexington

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