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1. Given national movements like “Defund the Police”, how can Lexington prevent putting law enforcement, and our community, at risk?
2. I've seen people without face coverings at protests in Lexington; can the face covering order be enforced?
3. What's happened to the job title "Peace Officer", as opposed to "Police Officer", or "Law Enforcement Officer"?
4. What are the biggest strengths of policing in Lexington?
5. How do you feel about the stories people tell of their negative experiences? How are things different now?
6. How can we highlight some of the positive stories people have of policing in Lexington?
7. Can you explain the role of the Massachusetts State Police Union in terms of oversight and management? Do they stand in the way of improving things locally?
8. How are members of the Human Rights Committee held accountable, considering their relationship to the Police Department and how important their role is?
9. With regard to religion, has the department considered a chaplain, or does the Department already have a chaplain?
10. What are some of the efforts underway that help promote positive interactions with the police?
11. Can police officers enforce the Governor's mask mandate?