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1. I am 16 1/2 years old and I heard that there is a law that requires driver training before I can get my driver's license. What does the law require?
2. I am almost 16. Can I obtain my "Junior Operator's License" when I turn 16?
3. I heard that a new driver with a JOL is not subject to the passenger restriction during the times when he is driving his friends to and from high school in a car pool. Is this true?
4. The back of my JOL says that "passenger restriction may apply if under 18." How will a police officer who stops me know if I am subject to the restriction?
5. What is the penalty if I get caught without my parent in the car?
6. Will I definitely be cited for violating the restriction if I am seen driving at 12:15 am?
7. I work all day and I will probably not have the time to supervise the additional 12 hours of required driving experience. Can my brother do it?