Historic Districts Commission

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The Historic Districts Commission reviews and approves all plans within the Lexington Historic Districts for construction, demolition, exterior renovations, color changes, and signs.

Members should have, by education or experience, a sense of dedication to:

  • historical heritage
  • historic preservation
  • Lexington's special townscape
  • the concept of architectural continuity

The Selectmen seek members with the following backgrounds:

  • historical knowledge
  • training in architecture, architectural history and/or aesthetics
  • graphic design training or experience

Formal Commission Charge

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Commission Membership
5 full, 4 associate members
Appointed by: Board of Selectmen
Term: 5 years

Map of Historic Districts

Hancock-Clarke . Battle Green . Munroe Tavern . East Village

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Francis Dagle 781-698-4508