Historic Districts Commission Ad Hoc Ch. 447 Revisions Study Committee

(formerly the Historic Districts Commission 40C Study Committee (Ad Hoc))

From the Committee charge:
In 1960, the State Legislature enacted enabling legislation in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40C ("40C") to standardize the administration and practices of historic district commissions across the Commonwealth.

Our HDC was created in 1956 by a Special Act of the Legislature, Ch. 447, before the 40C legislation. 

While Lexington has been, and will continue to be, well served by its Special Act, it is appropriate to amend the Special Act from time to time to conform certain provisions to the Statewide legislation or customize them to the needs of Lexington.

This committee will engage with the community through public hearings and other contacts to solicit input from residents, especially residents of the four historic districts, affected businesses and other interested parties, to determine whether, and how, those most affected by Ch. 447 would wish to change any of its provisions.

Full Committee Charge

Committee Membership
Voting Members: 7
Appointed by: Select Board
Term: Until completion of deliverables