National Register of Historic Places & National Historic Landmarks in Lexington

National Register of Historic Places PlaqueThe National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archaeological resources.

Properties listed on the National Register include buildings, sites, districts, structures and objects. For private property owners, National Register listing places no restrictions on the use, treatment, transfer or disposition of property.

The following resources in Lexington are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:


  • Buckman Tavern, 1 Bedford Street (listed 10-15-1966) (Text) (Photos)
  • General Samuel Chandler House, 8 Goodwin Road (listed 04-13-1977) (Text)
  • Follen Community Church, 755 Massachusetts Avenue (listed 04-30-1976) (Text)
  • Franklin School, 7 Stedman Road (listed 09-25-2009) (Text)
  • Hancock-Clarke House, 36 Hancock Street (listed 07-17-1971) (Text) (Photos)
  • Hancock School, 33 Forest Street (listed 08-22-1975) (Text)
  • John Mason House, 1303 Massachusetts Avenue (listed 03-09-1990) (First Period Survey) (Context Statement)
  • M.H. Merriam & Co., 7-9 Oakland Street (listed 02-18-2009) (Text)
  • Warren E. Sherburne House, 11 Percy Road (listed 12-02-1977) (Text)
  • Simonds Tavern, 331 Bedford Street (listed 10-14-1976) (Text)
  • Stone Building, 735 Massachusetts Avenue (listed 04/30/1976) (Text)
  • U.S. Post Office, 1661 Massachusetts Avenue (listed 06-26-1986) (Text)


  • Lexington Green Historic District (listed 10-15-1966) (Text) (Photos) & (listed 04-30-1976) (Text)
  • Metropolitan State Hospital District, Waltham and Lexington (listed 01-31-1994) (Text)
  • Mid-Century Modern Homes of Lexington (listed 11-21-2012) (Context Statement)
  • Minute Man National Historic Park (listed 10-15-1966 & 11-29-2002) (Text) (Photos)
  • Peacock Farm Historic District (listed 11-21-2012) (Text) (Photos)
  • Sanderson House & Munroe Tavern Historic District (listed 04-26-1976) (Text)
  • Six Moon Hill Historic District (listed 1/19/2016) (Text) (Photos)

There are many other properties within the town that are potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. More information on the benefits of listing and the National Register listing process can be obtained from the Massachusetts Historical Commission or National Park Service websites.

National Historic Landmarks

In addition to attaining National Register designation, three properties in Lexington - the Buckman Tavern, Hancock-Clarke House and the Lexington Green - have been declared National Historic Landmarks. Landmarks are buildings, sites, districts, structures and objects that have been determined by the Secretary of the Interior to be nationally significant in American history and culture. Many of the most renowned historic properties in the Nation are Landmarks. Only about 2,300 of the 76,000 entries in the National Register of Historic Places have the national standing to qualify to be National Historic Landmarks.

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