Announcement of Aloft Hotels Use as Regional Quarantine Site

executive office of health and human services

Town Manager James Malloy has been notified by State officials that Aloft Hotels, located at 727 Marrett Road, is being used as a regional quarantine site for homeless patients that have tested positive for COVID-19. The hotel is one of four regional quarantine sites currently in use in Massachusetts.

Town officials, including Mr. Malloy, as well as police, fire, and public health staff, were briefed by the State’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services on the matter. The State is housing patients in hotels across Massachusetts to prevent the spread of the virus within homeless shelters. Only patients exhibiting mild symptoms are being admitted; if symptoms worsen, they will be transported to a hospital. State officials will be providing regular updates to the Lexington Office of Public Health on the number and status of patients.

Nurses are on staff around the clock to care for patients, and a vendor, contracted through the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), is responsible for feeding patients, cleaning the premises, and transporting individuals under their care. MEMA has also contracted with a private firm to provide security 24/7. If additional patients come to the hotel, additional resources will be added to accommodate the increase. During this time, no hotel staff will be in contact with patients.

Patients are not being held against their will, and they are free to return to their home community at any time. If a patient wishes to leave, they will be transported by MEMA’s vendor to their home community.

Patients at Aloft do not count towards the number of cases in Lexington. Only individuals with residential addresses in Lexington are included in our daily count.