Be part of the discussion about the Hartwell North Rezoning Initiative - Community meeting Wednesday, May 30

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Lexington is developing a new zoning district for the Hartwell North area.

The goal is to enhance the long-term commercial viability of this area, as well as:

  • achieve community goals for preserving open space
  • creating new housing options
  • promoting walkability

Community Meeting

Wednesday, May 30, 7:00 PM
Cary Memorial Building, Estabrook Hall (lower level)
1605 Massachusetts Ave.

Where is Hartwell North?

Map of North Hartwell AreaHartwell North is the commercial district in Lexington on Hartwell Avenue from Maguire Road to the Bedford Street jug-handle and the adjacent commercial properties. The area is predominately zoned for commercial and light manufacturing uses; it also includes an area just north of the jug-handle.

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