Board of Health Issues Advisory for Senior Housing Facilities and Lexington Housing Authority

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For the safety of residents at senior housing facilities and the Lexington Housing Authority, the Lexington Board of Health has issued an advisory requesting the elimination of unnecessary visitation, and the increase of protective measures, at these facilities.

The Board is requesting owners, managers, and residents of these facilities restrict visitation to units, except for visits necessary to provide essential services. Essential visits should be as short as possible, and preventative measures, such as social distancing, wearing a face covering, and hand washing, should be practiced.

There should not be more than one visitor at a time per unit.

No one displaying any COVID-19 symptoms should be visiting these facilities.

Building owners and managers are also advised to restrict exposure of essential visitors to residents of these facilities as much as possible, to notify residents of this advisory, and to post signage notifying potential visitors.

This emergency advisory will remain in effect until the Lexington Board of Health determines the public health emergency no longer exists. 

View the Board of Health’s emergency advisory.