Can You Recycle That? New Tool Available To Help Our Community Recycle Properly

reduce reuse recycle bag

Knowing whether or not something is recyclable can be confusing. With the help of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), our website now has a tool called the Recyclopedia, which allows you to type in a wide variety of items and learn how to properly dispose of them. 

From plastic milk jugs, to glass jars, and everything in between, the Recyclopedia will help you dispose of it the right way!

This tool is managed by DEP and has many of the materials you'll be looking for, but the way some items are disposed of can vary from town to town. 

If it refers you to your local recycling division, you can contact our Environmental Servies Division at 781-274-8334.

You can easily access the Recyclopedia by clicking "Get rid of stuff" on our home page, or visiting

Try out the Recyclopedia by typing in an item you're trying to dispose of: