COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan- What We Know


NEW: K-12 educators, child care workers and K-12 school staff will be eligible to begin scheduling COVID-19 vaccine appointments starting March 11. Learn more.

Everyone in Phase 1individuals age 75 and olderindividuals age 65-74individuals with 2+ certain medical conditions, & residents and staff of low income and affordable senior housing can get the COVID-19 vaccine now.

Those who are eligible can make appointments online to be vaccinated at locations throughout the state, such as pharmacies, super markets, and regional mass vaccination sites. 

**Those who accompany someone age 75+ to get a vaccine at a mass vaccination site may also schedule and receive their own vaccination on the same day. Learn more. We recommend residents 75+ only go with friends, family, or other trusted drivers.

If you are having trouble scheduling a vaccination, call 2-1-1:

  • Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


The COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary, safe, and free of charge.

See the State's COVID-19
vaccine FAQ

  • Representatives will help you use the online appointment website
  • Free and confidential
  • Multilingual
  • If no appointments are available, you will be called back when an appointment becomes available


  • You may have to wait on hold, as call volumes are high
  • The representatives who answer do not have access to any other information or appointments. They are there to help you navigative the appointment website.

Town of Lexington Vaccination Information

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) is responsible for distributing all vaccines in the state. 

Governor Baker announced that effective March 1, the State will no longer provide first dose vaccines for individual municipal clinics, with the exception of a few high-risk communities, which means the Town of Lexington will no longer be receiving weekly allotments of  first doses of the vaccine and is not able to hold vaccine clinics.

The Town of Lexington will be receiving the second doses of vaccine for the small number of residents who have already received their first dose from the Town.

We share the community’s frustration with the vaccine distribution process, and we will provide more information as it becomes available.

Getting a Vaccination if You Are Eligible

Please note, it may take several weeks to get an appointment at a location near you. As more vaccine supply arrives in Massachusetts, additional appointments will become available.

*Some CVS locations have vaccine appointments available. This vaccine is part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program and the vaccine is allocated by the Federal Government directly to the pharmacies. Residents ages 75+ and those in Phase 1 should go to the CVS website to claim an appointment in one of the 30 participating stores (Lexington CVS is not currently one of these locations).

Anticipated Vaccine Distribution Timeline

NOTE: Most of the vaccinations taking place in Phases 1 and 2 will be done through medical and long-term care facilities, with minimal involvement at the municipal level.

Phase 1, December 2020 – February 2021

All who are eligible in Phase 1 can get the vaccine (find a vaccination site)

  • Clinical and non-clinical health care workers doing direct and COVID-facing care
  • Long term care facilities, rest homes and assisted living facilities
  • Emergency medical services, police, and fire
  • Congregate care settings
  • Home-based health care workers
  • Health care workers doing non-COVID-facing care

Phase 2, February – April 2021

  • Individuals age 75+ 
  • Individuals age 65+, individuals with 2+ ;comorbidities (only those conditions listed as at increased risk for severe illness)
  • Other workers including, but not limited to, early education and k-12 workers, transit, grocery, utility, food/agriculture workers, sanitation, public works, and public health workers
  • Individuals with one co-morbid condition

Phase 3, April 2021

  • The vaccine is expected to be available to the general public.

Additional information is available on the State’s website.

As more information regarding vaccines becomes available, it will be posted on this web page.

**Please be aware we may not have answers to specific questions due to the fluid nature of the pandemic and availability of vaccine at this time. We appreciate your patience.