DISCOLORED WATER? Town Water System Flushing

Kitchen faucet with slightly discolored water running

In an ongoing effort to provide our residents with quality drinking water, the Water Division will be conducting a Town wide water system Flushing Program from Sunday, June 14 to Friday, July 24.

The program will begin in East Lexington and West Lexington and will continue moving from east to west and from west to east towards the middle of Town until the flushing is completed.

In an effort to minimize any inconvenience, flushing of the water system will only be done at night, during the week from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, for example:

  • 11:00 PM Sunday night to 6:00 AM Monday morning
  • 11:00 PM Thursday night to 6:00 AM Friday morning

No flushing will be done during the weekends.

Residents may experience some discoloration in their water in the areas being flushed. If discoloration does occur, we ask that you run your cold water from a none-filtered faucet, like your bathtub or basement sink, for a short time to clear up the water. You may want to plan your water usage, such as bathing, cooking or other water required activities, so they will not be during the time the system is being flushed. Or you can fill jugs of water prior to the Town flushing the water system.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur. If you have any questions you can reach the Water Division at 781-274-8300 Ex.1