Fall Water Meter Reading to Continue Through November

water droplet

The Water/Sewer Division of the Lexington Department of Public Works (DPW) will be reading all town water meters starting on Monday, September 13th and will continue through the end of November.

A DPW meter reader will visit each residence and business. Staff will present Lexington DPW identification and a resident can verify water meter personnel by calling the DPW Operations Office at 781-274-8300 extension 1.

Actual readings of the meters reduce the need for costly under or over estimated bills. Meters pads are located outside a structure, or if you do not have a meter pad, inside access will be required to the basement. It is strongly recommended in this situation that you set up an appointment to have the old meter or outside pad replaced or repaired. There is no charge to replace residential meters 1 inch and under.

If an inside meter cannot be accessed or an outside meter pad cannot be read, a self-addressed, stamped card will be left at the business or residence. It is crucial that the actual reading on your meter be recorded on this card and returned by mail within 3 business days. If a card is not returned, water billing will be based on estimation. Phone meter readings cannot be accepted.

When you fill in the meter reading, please include all digits including leading and trailing zeroes, starting from left to right. This will help to insure accurate billing. Cooperation with the Town’s water meter reading program is most appreciated. Questions and concerns can be directed to the DPW Operations Office at 781-274-8300 extension 1.