Find out about the property tax Residential Exemption currently being considered by the Town: Meeting Tuesday, December 11

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The ad-hoc Residential Exemption Policy Study Committee will hold an informational meeting:

Tuesday, December 11, 7:00 PM
Cary Memorial Building
1605 Massachusetts Ave.

To submit a question before the meeting, please email 

At this meeting, they will update residents on their research, explain the 2 exemption concepts they have, and ask for community comments. This input will help guide the Committee's final report to the Selectmen.

About the Residential Exemption

The state passed a law allowing towns to provide a partial property tax exemption to some or all owner-occupied homes. Properties that are not owner-occupied do not qualify.

The decision to adopt this option can be made by the Selectmen at the annual Tax Classification Hearing.

In order to keep the exemption revenue-neutral:

  • the tax rate is increased
  • all residential parcels are taxed at the new, higher rate
  • some, or all, owner-occupied homes receive the exemption

Commercial properties are unaffected by the residential exemption.