Joint Statement on Recent Hate Crime in Georgia

statement from the town of lexington

Jim Malloy, Town Manager 
Mark Corr, Chief of Police 
Melissa Interess, Director of Human Services 
On behalf of the:
Lexington Select Board
Lexington Human Rights Committee

We are disturbed and saddened to hear of the murder of six women of Asian descent and two other victims in Georgia earlier this week. Regardless of the murder suspect’s stated motives, racial bias and misogyny were likely factors which cannot be ignored.  These events have a clear impact on both women and on our Asian American community. This violence is just one event of many that mark the rise of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI). We stand with our AAPI and female residents to strongly denounce hateful words, actions, and violence.

In Lexington, we strive to create a safe, inclusive, and connected community for all of our residents and visitors. We value the voices and contributions of our female and AAPI residents, and we unite with those who continue to build a stronger, more vibrant community.  

We are committed to providing supportive resources to any of our residents who are impacted by hate crimes, hate incidents, or microaggressions. We recognize the significant impact that these violent events can have on both mental health and feelings of well-being. Below are some resources available if you or someone you know needs support in processing the recent events. We are gathering stakeholder input and will be planning thoughtful next steps to move our community forward and support healing.

We all must play a role in creating and maintaining the culture of this community. To that end, we must all embrace differences and actively stand up for our neighbors when we see them being targeted. Anything less is not an expression of the warm and inclusive community we are all striving to build.

Resources for Coping with Hate Crimes, Hate Incidents, and Microaggressions

Lexington Human Services Department connects residents to resources, programs, and services that promote health and well-being. Available to meet individually or in groups. Visit the Human Services Department web page or call 781-698-4840

Mental Health Referral Service (William James INTERFACE) - The William James INTERFACE Referral Services is a free and confidential service that connects Lexington residents and students in Lexington schools with ongoing mental health supports. Visit or call 888-244-6843

Lexington Human Rights Committee – The Committee seeks to build a stronger, more unified Town that respects and recognizes both our diversity and our commonalities, and confront statements and actions that conflict with these core values. The Committee works to foster respectful, civil, public discourse and debate. Email the Human Rights Committee or visit the their web page.

APISAA Therapist Directory - directory of APISAA therapists.

Asian Mental Health Collective - an online community for Asian mental health support.

Racial & Social Justices Resources in and around Lexington are also available on our website.