Online Annual Town Meeting Concluded Monday, June 8 - See the Results

annual town meeting with seal

The 2020 Annual Meeting (ATM), was held online. It began on Monday, June 1, continued to June 3, then to June 4, and concluded on Monday, June 8.

LexMedia will shortly be showing the ATM sessions on demand.

ATM Motions, Articles and Other Documents

See all of the 2020 ATM documents, including:

  • Warrant
  • Motions
  • Articles
  • Presentation slides and videos of presentations
  • Position statements from Planning Board, Select Board and other bodies

The Select Board also held a Special Town Meeting (STM) on June 1, which was also concluded on June 8. See the STM warrant.

How the Meeting is Being Conducted

We held this ATM online with the help of several technologies:

  • Presenters and officials participated via video using Zoom with secure encryption
  • Town Meeting Members voted using an online, secure voting system with Town Clerk backup
  • Town Meeting Members spoke on articles using an online system to emulate yes, no and question microphones
  • LexMedia took all of the video and audio content and livestreamed it out online and on public access channels
  • Town IT  provided real-time assistance to Town Meeting Members having problems via a phone call center