Reopening our Town Safely

Open Door Lex ReopensFollowing the release of the Governor's Reopening Massachusetts plan, we have put together this page to keep you informed of our reopening plans for Town buildings and services, as well as information on the reopening of businesses in town. 

This page will be updated as we get new information in the coming weeks and months.

Town Buildings and Services
Our Return to Work Task Force has developed a plan for the safe re-entry of Town staff, and the public, into Lexington’s public buildings.

The Task Force’s plan incorporates the input of staff representatives from each of our public buildings, local public health officials, and our Department of Public Facilities. It also incorporates State safety standards and is in accordance with the Governor’s four-phase ‘Reopening Massachusetts’ plan.

The plan outlines the Town’s minimum standards for safety and hygiene, and serves as a guiding document for specific departments to begin their reopening processes. To meet the unique needs of their visitors, individual departments, such as the Library and Recreation Departments, will develop specific plans for reopening their facilities, reflecting the standards of the Town’s overarching plan.

First Phase

While we have already had some staff working in Town buildings as needed, the first phase of our plan allows staff to return to their offices at the State’s 25% capacity requirement, while the buildings remain closed to the public. This approach will allow staff to get used to the new standards in place before allowing the public to re-enter.

We anticipate having staff begin returning to their offices in early June.

Future Phases

Subsequent phases will include precautions, such as meetings with Town staff by appointment, curbside service, reduced building hours, and limited access to certain functions of the building. Everyone will be required to wear a face covering (unless otherwise exempted by the Governor’s order), and will need to be logged in, once the public is allowed back in Town buildings.

The determination of moving to future phases will depend on public health metrics trending in a positive direction.

**Plans for opening our facilities will always be in accordance with what the State allows, but in some cases we may need wait longer to safely open them.

Staying Safe

Face coverings must be worn:

  • Whenever you can't keep at least 6' away from others

Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces

What Businesses Can be Open as of May 25

With restrictions as set out by the State

  • Essential businesses
  • Manufacturing (as of May 18)
  • Construction (as of May 18)
  • Lab space
  • Office space
  • Limited Personal Services
    • Hair salons
    • Pet grooming
    • Car washes
  • Retail
    • Remote fulfillment
    • Curbside pick-up
  • Certain recreation and outdoor activities (facility open dates in Lexington may differ)

Massachusetts Reopening Information