Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee envisions a community that: 

  • Has, as core values, freedom from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, disrespect, and destructive conflict among its citizens.
  • Respects and recognizes both our diversity and our commonalities.
  • Engages in respectful, civil, public discourse and debate.

The Human Rights Committee's mission is to promote this community vision.

The Committee seeks to build a stronger, more unified Town that respects and recognizes both our diversity and our commonalities, and confront statements and actions that conflict with these core values. The Committee works to foster respectful, civil, public discourse and debate.

The Committee carries out its mission through:

  • Public advocacy
  • Sponsoring educational programs
  • Helping other organizations and Town departments address conflict through consultation and mediation with the parties involved
  • Reporting civil rights violations to appropriate government agencies
  • Assisting in planning responses to groups, internal or external to the Town, which advocate actions antithetical to the core values

Annual LPS Report on Efforts to Reduce Systemic Barriers
Committee Charge
Police Working Group Report to LHRC May, 2021
LHRC Working Group Report 

Committee Membership
Members: a maximum of 9 members
Appointed by: Select Board and Town Manager
Term: 3 years
Membership includes a member of the School Committee or an executive level member of the School administration, a member of the Lexington Police Department, and a member of the Town Senior Staff. There is a liaison from the Select Board, and the Committee reports to the Board.

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