Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LexHAB)

From the Committee charge:

The Board was established by an Act of the Commonwealth to investigate and implement alternatives for providing affordable housing in Lexington for persons of low, moderate and middle income. The powers and duties of this Board are intended to supplement and not limit those  of the Lexington Housing Authority.

Members should have a background in engineering, finance, business, real estate, town government, law and/or development for persons of housing of low and moderate income.

Full Act

Committee Membership:
Members: no fewer than 5
Appointed by: Board of Selectmen
Term: 3 years

Current Status of LexHAB Projects

11 Fairview Avenue - The regulatory agreement between LexHAB and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) that will govern the use of the site must be filed with the Registry of Deeds before a building permit can be issued. The construction of the Fairview project will be by a team overseen by LexHAB. The contractor, Transformation, Inc. is in the forefront of Zero-Energy residential construction. They will utilize Minuteman Tech students wherever it makes sense. The project will also have videos produced to further training for other students.

Busa - The property on the former Busa farm has received approval by Town Meeting for the use of CPA funds to complete the project. LexHAB is utilizing the expertise of Metrowest developers to complete the approval process required by DHCD that will allow the site to be considered affordable by state standards and included in the state’s Subsidized Housing Inventory. The process is in the early stages.

Vine Street - No plans for this site are currently in place.