Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there an app to track buses in real-time? 
Yes! Download the free RIDE SYSTEMS app on your smartphone for Lexington Lexpress bus service. You can also view the GPS tracker here: 

Q How do I pay to use the bus?
A Riders have the option to pay cash on board or purchase discounted tickets/passes in advance from select vendors. See our fares page for more details. Please note:

  • Cash fares must be in exact change only. Bus operators do not carry cash to make change.
  • Annual passes run from July 1 - June 30.
  • Monthly passes start on the first of the month.

Q Where can I board the bus, are there any designated stops?
With the exception of Depot Square and Middlesex Turnpile, Lexpress stops on demand. By standing on the side of the road the bus is traveling and waving to the driver, you can board anywhere along the route. The driver will see you waving and will pull over. The locations and times listed in the schedule are there to help you determine when the bus will arrive in the general area. In Lexington Center between Woburn and the Minuteman Statue, please board or disembark from the bus at Depot Square or at any MBTA stop. If you are at an MBTA stop, please be sure to WAVE to the driver, or he will assume you are waiting for the MBTA. For Middlesex Turnpike, common stops near here are Market Basket, HMART, and Burlington Mall. If you wish to go to another destination along the Turnpike, please tell the driver and he will find a suitable place to stop. For example, riders wanting to go to Barnes & Noble or the AMC theaters can request the driver to pull into the closest parking lot, usually Barnes & Noble lot. 

Q Does Lexpress run on weekends?
A No, there is no Lexpress service on Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays.

Q Does Lexpress go to Alewife Station?
A No, but you have 2 other options:

  • MBTA bus routes 62 or 76 can take you to Alewife Monday through Saturday. Contact the MBTA for more information: 617-222-3200. 
  • The 128 Business Council commuter shuttles go from Alewife to Hayden Avenue and Hartwell Avenue.

Q Does Lexpress go to the Burlington Mall?
A Yes, Lexpress Route 5 leaves Depot Square at 30 minutes past the hour and arrives at the Mall 45-minutes past the hour. The Lexpress mall stop is located between Nordstrom and Primark.