Rider Information

About Lexpress

Information about Lexpress history, ridership, and current operations. 


All Lexpress buses are ADA compliant and come equipped with wheelchair lifts. The maxium lift capacity is 1,000lbs. The lift's clear platform is 30" wide by 54" long. 


Service animals are allowed on Lexpress at all times.
During off-peak hours (9:00AM - 2:30PM), non-service animals are allowed at the discretion of Lexpress vehicle operators. Animals must be properly leashed or contained, and must not annoy riders. Riders with allergies must be considered. For safety and convenience during other operating hours we can only allow small domestic animals carried in lap-sized containers. The carrier must be out of the way of exits, and cannot take up a seat. Thank you.


Every Lexpress bus is equipped with a bike rack in the front that can hold two bikes. Bikes are not allowed inside buses unless they can collapse to the size of a standard piece of luggage. Lexpress bike racks operate the same way as MBTA bike racks. Check these helpful steps (pdf) to make your next trip by bike and bus seamless and stress-free. This 2 minute video from TCAT is a great tutorial on using bike racks. Lexpress has the same bike racks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5_89REqhzI  You can also view the tips from the MBTA about using bike racks: https://www.mbta.com/bikes/using-bus-bike-racks


Lexpress can accommodate riders with carriages or carts. However, riders with wheelchairs or motorized mobility aids have first priority in the accessible seating area.

Boarding Lexpress

Stand on the side of the road the traffic is coming and WAVE to the Lexpress driver as the bus approaches. There are no bus stop signs. You can get on or off anywhere along the route, with a couple exceptions noted below.  

Disembarking Lexpress

Outside of Town Center, riders can get off anywhere along the route where it is safe to pull over. Before you reach your stop, pull the stop cord located on the sides of the bus, or tell the driver verbally where you wish to get off. Please remain in your set until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Food & Drink on Lexpress

You may drink a non-alcoholic beverage on Lexpress as long as it is in a sealed container. You are not permitted to eat food on the bus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to commonly asked questions.


School Year Hours - 6:35AM until 6:30PM
Summer Hours -  7:00AM until 6:30PM
No service Saturdays, Sundays or Legal Holidays. Abbreviated service on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Lost & Found

Lost items are typically kept on the bus until the following day. Call the office at 781-861-1210 to see if it’s been found and returned to the Lexpress Office. All lost and found items turned in are kept at the Community Center front desk located at 39 Marret Road, Lexington.


Persons may take photographic or video images of Lexpress, but are prohibited from interfering with the free flow of passengers, disrupting service in any manner or interfering with any transportation activity while taking images. Any person wishing to take images for any type of commercial purpose or use, (e.g., movies, commercials, trade publications, etc.) must first obtain permission from the Town.

Rider Conduct

Our riders can expect a clean and comfortable ride on Lexpress. To this end, the Town of Lexington has established Rules of Conduct to ensure the rights and safety of both riders and drivers. These rules, along with other Lexpress policies, will be applied in a fair and reasonable manner.

Snow/Weather Delays

In general, if Lexington Public Schools are canceled due to inclement weather, Lexpress may also cancel service as our buses operate on many streets that are not priority for plowing. If the schools are delayed, Lexpress may delay, but we will try not to. Please check our Twitter account @LexpressBus or our app, Ride Systems, for the most up-to-date information and alerts. You can also call 781-861-1210 for  information.


Boarding Lexpress outside of Town Center
Lexpress is a fixed-route bus service that stops on demand. With the exception of the Town Center, there are no designated stops. The locations and times listed in the schedule are there to help you determine when the bus will arrive in the general area. Riders can board anywhere along the route by standing on the side of the road the bus is traveling and hailing the driver. Make sure you are waiting in a safe and visible area.

Boarding Lexpress in Town Center
While in Town Center, riders may only board in the Depot Square bus lane, on Grant Street, or at any MBTA bus stop. Town Center is defined as the area between the Minuteman Statue and Woburn Street. Within Lexington Center, board at these locations:

Depot Square: All routes
MBTA stop across from the Post Office: Rts 1,3
Grant Street: Rt 5

Depot Square: All routes
MBTA Stop at Town Hall: Rts 1,3
MBTA stop across from Depot Square: Rts 4,5,6