Route 4

Route 4 only travels down Sunny Knoll Ave, Reed St, Carley Rd, and Milk Street during peak hours. Peak hours are defined as routes departing Depot Square from 7:00AM & 3:00PM - 6:00PM. During off-peak hours, Route 4 will turn left onto Hill Street from Bedford Street.

Direct pull-ins to Greeley Village will occur during the 9AM-1PM routes. Direct pull-ins to Countryside Village & Emerson Gardens will occur during the 10AM-2PM routes. 


Turn-by-Turn Directions
FROM Depot Square
RIGHT Mass Ave
RIGHT Bedford St
*LEFT Sunny Knoll Ave
*LEFT Reed St
*RIGHT Carley Rd
*LEFT Milk St
*RIGHT  Hill St

LEFT  Hill St
LEFT Paul Revere Rd
LEFT Mass Ave
LEFT Woburn St
RIGHT Lowell St
LEFT Winchester Dr
RIGHT Fiske Rd
RIGHT Fairlawn Lane
RIGHT Lowell St

**Left on Bryant Road

**Right on Emerson Gardens Road
LEFT Maple St
RIGHT Mass Ave
RIGHT  Depot Square

*Peak Hours Only: 7AM & 3:10PM - 6PM

** During the 10AM-2PM routes only